The Restaurant

The winstub Chez Yvonne continues the tradition of Alsace winstubs since 1873 and strives to offer a quality traditional cuisine.

After the defeat of France at the time of the 1870’s war, the Alsace was annexed by Germany. Some Alsatian people fled the area and some others remained. The Germans, important builders had transformed Strasbourg and are introduced the habit to meet each other in spacious brasseries with high ceilings and bright room to drink beer. The Alsatian people who didn’t flee would meet each other in different place, in a warm dark little room with low ceilings and paneling wall to drink Alsatian white wine. At this time we are at the golden age of “Winstub”

Winstub History

In 1873 in Strasbourg, in the historic heart of the city, close to the cathedral, Eugène Jacquemet created "S’Burjerstuewel", place which welcome high society member of Strasbourg. Eugène Jacquemet had kept her Winstub for nearly 40 years.

There were different owners until 1956, date at the time Yvonne Haller bought the place “S'BURJERSTUEWEL”. Then for regular customers, S'BURJERSTUEWEL becomes to be more well-known as “Chez Yvonne”.

A warm atmosphere

Coming at Chez Yvonne it’s the opportunity to discover or to permit others to discover the Alsace area in its entire authenticity.

A warm atmosphere, an authentic cook and creative one, a service always attentive; these are what make Chez Yvonne what it is. A wonderful place to see and to eat…

Few words about a dish
« Tout était parfait, même la grêle au dessert.
Amicalement. »
« Beau et grand souvenir d'un bel instant assis à cette table!
Très amicalment. »
Pierre PELOT