From the age of 12 I knew I wanted to become a chef.

It is true that when I was a kid I was already familiar with my grandparents’ kitchen where I enjoyed passing time. I've always been very sensitive with exhalations that were emerged from pots where a pot or soup was simmered.

Mom and Grandma, both seasoned cooks taught me the basics of cooking ; when Dad and Grandpa initiated me into oenology.

It is therefore natural that a year before my General Certificate of Secondary Education, I chose to do a cook youth training at the restaurant "A la Barrière" at La Wantzenau a one-star restaurant in the Michelin guidebook.

It is actually here with Mister Gilbert Aeby but more again with his Chef Claude Sutter that I learned the discipline, the product respect and the love of a job well done.

Once graduated, I decided to move away, to explore the world and to do my own experience in the active society.

A few seasons later I came back in France to do my military service. During this time I had the chance to work “au Palais de l’Elysée” (the official residence of the French President) during a year. A rewarding job for a young man aged 19.

In fact, I would never imagine that I would have the opportunity to meet or to see briefly heads of state from the entire world with my job.



I came back in my home city in Strasbourg. After different experiences in Alsatian restaurants, I went back at the restaurant “A la Barrière" as Chef. I spent 4 wonderful years there.



I get my first place as Chef at “l’Hôtel Plaza” with a team of 20 people to lead. It wasn’t an easy task, but with a lot of work and perseverance, I managed to face the challenge.



My wife and I decided to move into a beautiful Inn in the Bruche valley for 5 years.


2003, beginning at Chez Yvonne

But a bit far away from the city, in 2003 we came back in Strasbourg and this is when Jean-Louis de Valmigère, recent purchaser of the Winstub "Chez Yvonne" (father of the current owners) contacted me to be the Chef of the restaurant Chez Yvonne.

Quickly Mister de Valmigère and I have found agreement about what we wanted to offer to Chez Yvonne’s customers, and then we began together this wonderful experience and this new challenge.

It is true that I had in mind the idea to go back to my personal project, which was having my restaurant; but Chez Yvonne allowed me to express myself thanks to cooking, and I had the possibility to do what I wanted and to be the Chef that I wished to be.

I could give vent to my imagination and I could propose dishes that correspond to me and to the emblematic Winstub of Strasbourg.

De Valmigère’s family allowed me to invest fully myself in my convictions and we are working daily to promote our gastronomic heritage.

Cooking as a mean of expression

The difficulty is the simplicity and what makes the difference between a successful or failed dish is often related to the desire to achieve it. Cooking is an art which can’t be reaching by who know how to handle it with passion and delicacy. It is a means of expression, a sentimental story.

It is possible that love can do without cooking action, but cooking action will never be without love and many wonderful plates wouldn’t be achieved if these cooks around the world hadn’t been inspired by the love and the desire to attract.

Today I try to pass this passion which motivates me days after days on my dish and this for 9 years now. This passion concerns the culinary world in general, but also my hometown.

It is my great pleasure to be able to offer traditional dishes or revisited dishes that had always been a part of my childhood and then which introduced me to the pleasures of French gastronomy and more again Alsatian food.

Happy Alsatian area; where cooking

eand love are so complementary !